Get exposure to your WordPress Mobile App

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Get users hooked on your mobile app

You have developed your mobile app that uses your WordPress site as the source of your content that is feed to your mobile app, what are you plans to get users hooked on your WordPress mobile app.

You need some type of “hook” messaging that you could attract and retain your audience, you are in luck.

We have the solution for you, WP Thor FCM is a WordPress plugin that allows you to communicate with your WordPress mobile app users, easily and effectively.

The WP Thor FCM App takes advantage of Google Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) a cross-platform messaging solution that lets you reliably deliver messages at no cost to a mobile app.

What is Google FCM

With Google FCM, you can notify a client app that a new post and update on your WordPress site is available. YOu could use the notification to send a note that your website will be in maintenance mode or you can send notification messages to drive user re-engagement and retention.

How does it work

WP Thor FCM plugin installed on your WordPress site, communicates with the Google FCM server when a notification, update or new content is available.The Google FCM server delivers that message to your users mobile device using your WordPress mobile app.

To make you mobile app to connect with Google FCM, and register the device to your backend,

you need to add some code to your mobile app to make this happen, we have you covered on this end, you can get our WordPress Android App.

WordPress Android App is easy to customize, if you are not into customizing we can help you out, just get contact.

You can read our documentation on how to customize the WordPress Android App from here

WP Thor FCM Dashboard

With the WP Thor FCM you get a dashboard, that shows you what device models your users are using, how many messages you sent, what device OS your users are using and how many successful and failed messages has been sent. One reason to you get failed messages is if the user have uninstalled your app.


WP Thor FCM All Messages

WP Thor FCM has an option in which you can send a message to all your registered users, this option could be used to send a message to your mobile users for a WordPress maintenance update, or you could use it to send an update on pending product launch/service for eaxmple.


WP Thor FCM All Device Registration

To send message to a mobile device, the mobile device needs to be registered on your WordPress site, with WP Thor FCM we extended the WP Rest API so your mobile app, can send a registration to your WordPress app. With our WordPress Android App the device registration is available in the app, that provides a smooth registration process.

The WP Thor FCM register the FCM ID, the device serial no, what type of device OS, the device model and when it was registered.


WP Thor FCM – A Device Details

You can select the FCM ID on the previous screenshot, and drill down to a specific device, and look details. You also have the option of sending a message to a specific device.


WP Thor FCM General Settings

The general settings in WP Thor FCM – the main setting is the API key for Google FCM, you get that from creating an account with Google FCM and configuring your app in the Google FCM panel.

You can also configure if you want to send a message in the WordPress post on an update or new content item.


WP Thor FCM Post with FCM

You can select when you write a post if you want to send an FCM message or not.


WordPress Android App Notifications

If you use our WordPress Android App – the notification looks like this

Her is how a notification looks like on a mobile device

Her is how an update notification looks like on a mobile device


Test the WordPress Android App

You can download our WordPress Android App from the Google Play store, the app is our founder’s personal app for his blog – you can visit it here.


To get exposure for you app, you need to add notification – here are some reason to why

Reach Your Entire Mobile App Audience

70% of apps are deleted less than a month after install, because users don’t know how to use them, or simply forget. Having WP Thor FCM lets you give them reasons to come back.

The Right Message, at the Right Time

WP Thor FCM lets you target users any way you want, so you can be sure you’re sending them messages they want to read.

Simple Integration

It just takes minutes to configure Google FCM, installing WP Thor FCM, if you get our WordPress Android App we can customize it for you in a day, and have it setup on Google play service – you can get an WordPress Android App with notification in a very short timeframe, to drive traffic to your site and keep users engaged with your content/products/services.

Get going today with WP Thor FCM