Running WordPress on Google App Engine

Torbjorn Zetterlund ThunderBear Tags: ,

Did you know that you can now host your WordPress site on the Google Cloud Platform, you have several options on how you can setup a WordPress site on the Google Cloud Platform.

On the Google Cloud Platform, you have several product options on how to set up a WordPress site, it may not be an easy task to decide what is right for your organization, let’s take a look at the different options are:

  • Google Compute Engine (GCE) – Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) – Hosted VMs where you manage everything, including control of installed disk drives. You have complete control over the VMs’ environment and runtime as you can write or install any program there. In GCE you have to manually configure your infrastructure to handle scalability by using Load Balancer.
  • Kubernetes Engine – A hybrid between PaaS and IaaS – you design your application in terms of micro-services, specify how they’re scaled etc, but let Container Engine (the Google Cloud Platform implementation of Kubernetes) perform the scaling.
  • Google App Engine (GAE) – Platform as a Service (PaaS) – limited runtimes (Python, Java, PHP, Go), very simple to get up and running, auto-scaled etc. You never have to install, patch or configure any software, copy disks, etc. It also offers a robust load and capacity management – automatically spinning up and shutting down instances as required.

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