WP Thor Heartbeat

In version 3.6 of WordPress a new API was introduced, the WordPress Heartbeat API. The WordPress Heartbeat API allows your browser to communicate with the server when you’re logged into the WordPress admin panel.

This functionality allows WordPress to handle things like showing other authors that a post is being edited by another user.

The WordPress Heartbeat API uses the /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php file to make AJAX calls. If you notice a significant amount of POST requests by that file, this means that you need to limit the work of Heartbeat or stop it completely.

This plugin lets you control the frequency of the WordPress heartbeat (the autosave) function.

How to Stop Heartbeat completely

With WP Thor Heartbeat plugin you can Stop heartbeat completely.

How to Limit Heartbeat

If you don’t want to stop Heartbeat completely, you can simply limit the execution frequency. You can do this by setting the frequency of the WP Thor Heartbeat.

Multisite Plugin

WP Thor Heartbeat is built for WordPress multisite, works well on a single site.

Frequent Updates

WP Thor Thunderbear is always updated to ensure compatibility with the latest version of WordPress and industry standards.

Friendly Support

We take care of our customers that have paid for our support and offer one-on-one, personalized support. We are fast and professional.

Responsive Admin

Full responsive design. WP Thor Heartbeat admin automatically resizes to fit the different screen sizes and makes it look great on all devices.