Pick your own cloud with Appfog

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Want to focus your application development on the web application and not getting down with infrastructure issues, then you should seriously look for a Platform as a service provider.  Simply write the code of your core application, run a command or two and you a have a fully working and scalable application available online.

We recommend Appfog, which we use to power our website, AppFog  abstracts out the tweaking and tuning of cloud servers, databases and storage. And, if you want to run your work on Amazon and then move it to, say, Rackspace, or Microsoft Windows Azure, or the HP Cloud, you can do so with the click of a button.

You can go to AppFog’s site to set up a free account with 2 GB of RAM.  No need to worry about instances or storage type or database choice. AppFog prices on RAM requirement only.  Monthly plans with additional RAM are available:  2GB for $50, 4GB for $100; 16GB for $380 and 32 GB for $720. AppFog will bill the customer for the entire infrastructure stack, including the backend cloud, giving it pretty good account control.

Appfog comes with an add-on program to give users of their platforms the ability to acquire and provision third party services that are already integrated with the core development environment. From your Appfog console with a click of  of your mouse you can integrate additional functionality complimenting your web app, to mention a few useful add-on’s that we use for our websites are Logentries, Blitz,  MongoLab and New Relic.

We have been on the Apffog platform for 4 months and it is performing amazingly, all the work we did before maintain our own server are now use for developing new functionality for our web apps and focus more on our customers.