WP Thor URL Shortener

1.0 Configuration
You must configure this plugin before you can use it. First make sure to add the proper information such as the URL where the shortener is located. This plugin only works with moln.co input moln.co. Your API key can be found in the User Dashboard in moln.co. Also please make sure that API feature is enabled in the script.

2.0 Shortcodes
You can use some shortcodes to either shorten a URL or to show the Ajax form in your page or post. To shorten a URL within your post or page, you can use the shortcode as defined in the options on the left side.

2.1 Shortcode Example

The shortcode has only 1 attribute and that is to show the html link (link=true). [shorten]http://google.com[/shorten] will output Some Alias.

[shorten link=true]http://google.com[/shorten] will output SomeAlias.

2.2 Ajax Form in post or page

To show the Ajax form in your post or page, you can use the shortcode [show_shortener_form]. This shortcode doesn’t have any attributes. The style can be changed via the options on left side.

3.0 Widget
You can use the widget by activating it in widget settings. The theme of the widget can be chosen from widget settings.

4.0 Questions and Support
If you have any questions, you can open a ticket or send an email.